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The needs of a cat

THE ONE was designed with the aim of creating a piece of furniture that can be integrated to your home, to soon become one of the most important decoration pieces at home. But what is essential for the development of the concept is to comply with all the needs of the cats that will live in the tree. Men have coexisted with cats for millennia. Their fascination for us has not changed. We all admired their way of being and peculiarities – we feel well around them. This feeling is mutual. Any person who owns a cat can state that they also look for our company and need us. However, even when the coexistence between men and cats has lasted during centuries, this animal is still a being with very specific needs, which we must satisfy. Therefore it was important for us to develop a cat tree that was, before anything else, something that was thought for this species. Because we believe cats need:

Safety and collective vision

Anyone who has a cat knows: cats love continuity and tranquillity. After an adventurous excursion, they love getting to a quiet and safe place. At the same time if this place looks comfortable and blended, that’s even better. The highest panorama platform is a prominent feature in THE ONE. From here the cat can observe its surroundings from a quiet and safe spot.

A chance to sharp its claws

Cats have the need to sharpen and take care of their claws all the time. To prevent this from happening on your sofa, THE ONE only has high-quality hemp thread, which resists the claws wear for many years.

Variety and activity

Cats are curious by nature. Whoever wants to have a cat as a pet should take this into consideration, since boredom can have negative effects on the animal. THE ONE features different levels and openings to encourage your cat’s playing instincts and discovery.

Proximity to men

THE ONE integrates a piece of furniture your cat with love into your style. Our cat tree is an attraction in itself – but most importantly: Your cat feels well at home and enjoys your company. This is what we strive for: THE ONE joins the man and his cat.

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