Do not compromise the style of your house. THE ONE allows you to. A home for your cat and a gem in any room.

It can be used as a comfortable platform for observation, as a jumping platform or as a resistant scratcher. Inside there is an opening that goes through the whole height of the tower. In this way your pet has multiple options for playing and crawling. The back side is covered in hemp, so that the cats can also climb the tree from the outside.

THE ONE is an attraction point that individually improves any modern decoration. It combines lifestyle with durability and usefulness.

Each THE ONE will receive a top-quality object that will give pleasure to both you and your cat. Each cat tree is designed by specialists, making it an expensive and elaborated piece of work.

Due to its weight THE ONE is very stable and does not need to be fixed on the wall. The MDF is varnished with white scratch resistant varnish. The hemp is also found in two interior walls, one exterior wall and on the platforms.

Dimensions: W/L/H 36 x 58 x160 cm Weight: appr. 45 kg

Item price: 1.450,00 EUR
(inkl. 21,00% MwSt. und incl. Shipping cost)
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