the big one

Our proven cat tower now made of beautiful pine wood.

THE ONE XL is the ideal tree for the largest cats, such as the Norwegian Forest cat and the Maine Coon cat, among others. This bigger structure is also an adequate solution for you if you need a cat tree for several cats.

The tree has “grown” 16 cm in height, being now 1,76 m tall, and is bigger in all its dimensions. All the dimensions for THE ONE XL have been adapted to those requirements. This size offers your cats the possibility to reach extended supine positions (up to 37 x 61 cm).

Dimensions: W/L/H 40 x 64 x 176 cm Weight: appr. 55 kg

Item price: 1.890,00 EUR
(inkl. 21,00% MwSt. und incl. Shipping cost)
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